PREIS ENERGY - a member of PREIS Group

Produces energy from sunlight!

PREIS Group is one of Europe´s leading system suppliers with a long tradition of serving different industries in the field of electrical machinery and supply.

As we face a relentless process of climate change and dwindling stocks of fossil resources, there is a strong need to rethink the ways in which we produce our energy.
The formation of PREIS ENERGY in the summer of 2012 was a clear statement from us of our commitment to a clean energy balance. PREIS ENERGY invests in the production of renewable energy from wind, water, biomass and sunlight.

Currently our focus is on energy production from solar panels (pholtovoltaic) in Croatia.
Integrated rooftop units as well as non-integrated land plants are the two main branches in this field.
Therefore PREIS ENERGY is looking for suitable areas for these. The areas would either be bought or rented long-term. We invite land-owners as well as house-owners in Croatia to contact us and possibly partner with us.
Our partners and prospective partners are communities, companies, churches, schools, public institutions and private individuals. For roof top installations we install plants up to 300 kWp and for land plants we invest in installations of up to 1 MWp a piece.

By 2018 the PREIS Group wants to compensate its whole energy demand through the production of renewable energy as our contribution to a clean environment!